Homebrew.Finance is an decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO) running on Ethereum. It allows depositors to pool their deposits together and save on gas fees collectively, while sharing in the gains deployed by the pool's investment strategy, set by the fund managers, known as the Brewmasters. Depositors willing to stake their claims to the pool for the long term will be rewarded with governance shares in the DAO, which can then be used to vote on decision-making, such as what projects to work on, provide guidance to the Brewmasters, and participate in other general changes affecting DAO operation.
The flagship project of Homebrew will be the $BREW TokenSet. Users will deposit USDC and receive a BREW token, the amount of which shall be proportional to their share of the total net asset value (NAV) of the funds within the contract. Funds will be deployed, either manually by the Brewmasters (for specific trade actions), or automatically (as in the case of automatic rebalancing). When depositors are ready to withdraw their funds from the set, they simply send their $BREW token back to the set contract, and their share of the fund's NAV is returned to them as USDC, minus fees paid to the Set's treasury fund, which are distributed according to the DAO's mandate.
With the complexity of the crypto space increasing, Homebrew.Finance will allow retail users without the time, effort or technical knowledge to profit in the yield generating strategies deployed by the Brewmasters.
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